Right Back at it Again…

For all like 3 of you that come here, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking.

First up, A Day to Remember dropped a new album last week titled Bad Vibrations. I’ve listened through several times and can confidently say that fans of ADTR will enjoy this album. For me specifically, the first half of the album is rad as fuck, and the second half falls flat. There is one gem on the second half titled Turn Off The Radio. It is ironically surrounded by certified radio rock tunes. It shines though and is a perfect example of the awesome things that Jeremy McKinnon is doing with his vocals these days. It even features a guitar solo bridge thingy! Check it out:


Next up, Norma Jean dropped an album this past Friday. I haven’t had a chance to fully absorb it, but it sounds awesome after the first few listens. Here’s one of the singles 1,000,000 Watts it’s a banger:


Another solid melodic hardcore band called Mayfield released a new track from their EP Hollow Embrace outr October 14. The track is called Back Home and goes hard.


Finally, Jason showed me this bad ass song by Oathbreaker:


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