Ghost Key – Downpour

Ghost Key dropped their album If I Don’t Make It last week. Heavy melodic hardcore.


Pastime – From The Cellar

This came out in 2012 and the band called it quits in 2014… but it’s so rad.

Lyrics for Out of the Rocking Chair

Everything you’re looking forward too will soon be a memory,
preserve the past with a photograph and learn to let go of what you can’t have back.
No fortune need be handed to never take a thing for granted,
with every moment we’ve been blessed we’re getting closer to our last.
So until we’re cold and dead we keep our eyes facing ahead.
we all share the same fears, from our first moment we are fading into age.
Our faces will be forgotten with our names.
this moment is all we have guaranteed this is what we have to build a legacy.