It’s one of those Fridays again…

New Free Throw. Pop punky emo shit. So good. Shout out to the Trailer Park Boys.


New Falsifier. Not for the faint of heart. Heavy as fuck.


New Deference EP. Dude legit sounds like George from Alexisonfire.


Another new Sadistik track. Stoked for his album.



The Acacia Strain – Sensory Deprivation

Apparently I’m in a shitty mood today cause all I can listen to is deathcore. This song jams hard. Released on a group EP called The Depression Sessions, this is one of two offerings brought to you by The Acacia Strain. The other bands on the EP include Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy. I haven’t heard the whole EP as it is only available on Itunes, but it sounds like it’s full of sunshine and rainbows.


Despised Icon -Inner Demons [Live]

This is my favorite track off Despised Icon’s new record Beast. The album is their first since 2009, and they are back in full force. Deathcore with a solid hardcore influence. It bangs hard from beginning to end.

Damn these guys sound great live. The bald guitarist on the right looks like my polish friend’s dad.


“I am my biggest threat.”