Hands – New Heaven / New Earth

Hands. Hadn’t dabbled with these dudes since high school. This release is a 2 song EP. Epic progressive metalcore I suppose?

Breathe new life. Kill the line. Exist in the moment. Rebuild, rejoice. Bury all of your pride. Set it on fire. Can you feel the moment? Rebuild, Rejoice. Slow down. We’re all chasing the same old ghosts. Heaven is open wide. Slow down enough to see a rising sun. Heaven is open wide. Live and die chasing the wind. As one we are broken. Rebuild, rejoice. Love is all that binds. Burning bright, this is the moment. In failure we learn that mercy will throw us to the light. Slow down. It’s all of us.

I don’t know anything about the fire, but it’s coming anyway. And it’s going to burn, burn, burn. I see the smoke on the horizon. But there’s peace in this place. Though it’s going to burn, burn, burn. I feel the weight of my sorrows. I feel it lifted away, as they burn, burn, burn. I gave everything I had to give, and I’d do it all again. I’m going to burn, burn, burn.


Hacktivist – Over-Throne [Full EP]

Hacktivist is back with a new EP. It’s got something for everyone – a couple djenty rap heavy hitters, an acoustic offering, and an electronic-influenced remix of their single Buszy. Seriously this EP is heavy, vibey, and cute as fuck all at the same time.